My choice for Web 2.0 site was Google Videos:

For my purposes I need something to prime the students before coming into my telecom classes. I found a number of short video clips that cover a concept in somewhat less technical terms that students can watch on the web prior coming into class.

The examples below zero in on how cable TV works and the students will be required to view the clips prior to coming into specific classes.

Using short one concept video clips are a great way to help build background information on a subject.

Using Google Videos provides quick access to such clips so you can spend your time on the content to cover in class and give the students a fun way to come into class with some prior knowledge on the subject to be covered!

Getting the full picture!


Just how do we get all those channels on our TVs?
Check the following sites to build an understanding of how telecommunications plays a role in providing television programming:

A. Starting with the TV:

B. How Cable TV works:

C. Now that you have an idea on how cable works, how do the cable companies get their information? Check out:

D. What is the difference between HDTV and regular (analog), check out this site for a primer: