[[http://www.twysted-pair.com/down1.htm|http://www.twysted-pair.com/down1.htm]] Download Learn Electronics Part One
At the above site is a great little free tutorial on basic electricity and electronics. It has great explainations and little animations to help students learn the basic concepts behind electronics. I could see having students going to the site, download the application and use it for drill and practice on the basics in electronics. The site includes a basic tutorial, a practice exercise, and an introduction to troubleshooting. The best parts are - its free and it is well done! If you wish, click on the "Download Learn Electronics Part One" link above and it will start the download immediately and int the process it gives an option of "No questions asked installation", now that is simple.
Very user friendly site and again, well done!

The site above has a number of free tutorials on "Elements of AC Electricity. This site steps up the level a bit from the one above but, still refers to itself as "Basic Electronics...". It provides great definitions and brings math into the descriptions which will help students go beyond just the basics. No fancy animations but, the graphics are clear and the math is at the right level for the students I will be teaching.
I see this sight being very useful to help re-inforce lecture materials and it can be done on the students time table and anywhere they have access to the web.

The site above is short, sweet, and to the point as they say. It provides a basic guideline to an approch to troubleshooting. It uses a concept Iearned over 20 years ago and it causes the student to take a logical approach to finding a fault in an electronic circuit. This would prove to be a good reference site for students to visit and review before taking on an actual troubleshooting assignment.